How To Add Instant Clarity To Your Mix

Do you have a muddy mix? Are you looking for that clarity and openness that your favorite mixes have? Turns out there’s one SUPER simple move you can make in your mixes that can INSTANTLY bring more clarity to your mix. And the good news? You already have the tools you need to pull this […]

What Sample Rate Should You Record And Mix At?

What is the best sample rate to record and mix your songs at? Is it 44.1k? 48k? 192k?!?! Which sounds better? Here’s another question: does sample rate even matter? I want to break these questions down for you once and for all in today’s video so you can make a smart decision and move on […]

Mix Buss Compression (The Right Way)

If you’ve ever heard of engineers using mix buss compression to “glue” their tracks together but have no idea what that means or how to do it – this video is for you. But many people mis-use mix buss compression and it actually makes their mix WORSE with it on, not better. Today I’ll break […]