Choosing and Using Specialty Mics on a Budget

When you’re just starting out, there’s plenty of room in your mic locker. You may have a couple of SM58®s or SM57s because you know from seeing shows that they’re industry standard workhorses for vocals and instruments. But, you may not know how to choose more specialized microphones, or even that you can afford them. The good […]

Using a Professional Microphone with a Laptop

Do you want to use a professional microphone with your laptop, but aren’t exactly sure how to do it? These days, there are plenty of great USB mics offering high-quality audio and plug-and-play convenience for computer recording. But they’re not always the solution for everyone. Perhaps you already have a traditional microphone you’d like to use with […]

How to Record Your Music

Recording Studio or Recording/Mixing/Sampling Software Recording is the process of capturing sounds through the use of microphones to be stored and heard later. Mixing is the process of taking all the different sounds you’ve recorded and blending them together to create a full song. You can either go to an established recording studio and hire […]

How To Add Instant Clarity To Your Mix

Do you have a muddy mix? Are you looking for that clarity and openness that your favorite mixes have? Turns out there’s one SUPER simple move you can make in your mixes that can INSTANTLY bring more clarity to your mix. And the good news? You already have the tools you need to pull this […]